What do I need to know about power of attorney?

The power of attorney is a unilateral document by which one person, called the principal, empowers another person, called the agent, to act on his behalf and on his own. The power of attorney is issued by a notary.
The documents required for power of attorney:

  • photocopy of personal identity document;
  • photocopy of personal tax code;
  • for immigrants, a photocopy of the Residence Permit;
  • for agent, photocopy of identity document and a photocopy of tax code.

It is very important the powers  granted to the agent should be clearly and fully expressed.
It is essential the power of attorney should contain:

  • The full name of principal / agent;
  • The place and date of birth of principal / agent;
  • The place of residence of principal / agent;
  • The tax code of ¬†principal / agent;
  • For immigrants, the personal code.
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